Friday, May 27, 2016

     Spring is here… you know it  when you  add a little spring to your walk and a little smile to your face. That’s it the subtle magic of spring.
I know I know spring has been here for most of you for a while now. The novelty has worn off and it’s just another day for you guys.
    Bear with me here , I live in Canada.
It’s not all penguins and polar bears and snow for miles (I met a girl in Europe who was convinced we ride snowmobiles and have pet penguins, so I’m just covering the ground here).
Where I live winters are not that severe they are just long. This year, in particular, was very very very  long.  We Only had may be an accumulative week of below -30C weather, most of the time it’s mellow but oh so inconsistent. Budding trees and +14 on Christmas just to drop below -10 in two days.
      And then… the unthinkable happened. It  Snowed on May 15th. I’m used to having rain on my birthday, but snow is not something I even thought of.  Now for the last 3-4 days it’s actual Spring outside : the winter jacket is at the dry cleaners the leather jacket has not been worn because we jumped to +30 immediately, but who cares. It’s warm and sunny and I feel like hopping around in fields of flowers and hugging strangers, but due to geographical and sociological limitations, I settle for having drinks or coffee on sunny patios with friends. 
I don’t know why I turned this whole post into a glorified weather network report. Just trying to explain why I get so excited this.
        Well coincidentally to being a warm beautiful day it’s also our 8th freebie Friday!
Let’s go ahead, shall we?
As you can guess this will involve bright colors, light, flowers butterflies, and all things happy
I called it my Summer sunset Erin Condren Life planner sticker set. And I love it! I hope you’ll like it too.


Freebie Frirday #7 wait what? Saturday it is

Saturday, May 21, 2016


Birthdays make me think of cakes which in its turn makes me want to paint cakes.I , however,  refuse to discriminate between different kinds of oh so high in sugar content and bad for you pastries so I included all kids deserts in my painting menu.

 So yes, this is all I did the past week, painted all kinds of pastries.  The funny thing is I didn’t even get to finish my birthday cake and it was delicious. Think coffee with mascarpone cheese in an airy souffle. Yes, heaven on a plate with coffee sprinkled on top. The trouble is after a delicious and big Italian dinner finishing a cake feels like a challenge even for someone with a sweet tooth like me.
Now my Etsy looks like a baker’s heaven and I still cannot stop.  May I just say yummy?

Someone, please give my crazy brain something else to obsess over. I’m not  joking I need ideas and suggestions otherwise watercolor desserts will take over my existence.

Now I’ve been slacking off with updates. I schedule myself to make a Tuesday post just on work in progress and ideas and a freebie Friday and every time I seem to skip the Tuesday and jam some of the updates into a Friday post.
If you want to see the new yummy clipart I added to my etsy store(Winged Graphics) see the links below

This makes me go look for connecting links between my etsy work and the promised freebie Fridays. And this time, I decided to make tab dividers for planners (a5, personal and pocket) as well as a4 binders. The catch is my obsessive mind decided to make them sweet along the way.

Cupcake, donut, cheesecake galore is coming to your planner life (made for filofax, kikkik or any compatible sized planner)

So here we go just a few fairly simple steps and yor stationary looks almost bitable.
  • Download the files here
  • Print on cardstock paper
    A5 5.8"x8.3" (pages 1-4)
    Personal 3.7"x6.7" (pages 5-6)
    Pocket 3.2"4.7"(pages 7-8)
  • Cut along the outline
  • If you want to further protect it from wear and tear.  it if you have a laminator it’s great if now  self-laminating sheets do the jobs pretty well.
  • Punch the holes as your planner dictates

TADA…you’re good to go
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All illustrations used in my freebies are handpainted or otherwise created by me.

Friday the 13th: Freebie Friday #6

Friday, May 13, 2016

Wiii! Friday again, and it is mid May already. Time what are you doing to me?
I feel like every weekend I end up not finishing some task and I tell myself will do next weekend, and it feels so far away. Then boom! It’s Friday (insert a painfully repetitive and passionately annoying song here).
 I remember my 7th birthday because I felt so mature and almost old. Well, I was the second oldest among my cousins, so feeling older was my job.  I remember thinking  “Hey I’ll live at least till 70, right? That is s 10 times what I have so far. I’ve got time.”
I have a birthday coming up next week.. ooops
Well enough about that. There are good things I get to celebrate 4 times over a course of a week.  How very royal. I’m going to Friday Nights at the Royal Ontario museum today with a friend. What says party better than Dinosaurs fossils,crystals, and wine ? We have dinner celebration with my family on Sunday, dinner with a few close friends on Monday and a joined birthday   with another friend with a bigger group of people next week.
This is definitely too much partying for me. I feel like I’m one paparazzi shot short of a socialite status. My bank account silently disagrees.
Now back to my freebie Friday schedule. And on this Friday  the 13th, we land on a Freebie Friday #6.
And this week I have for you planner dashboards for various size planners. Flowery springy and a bit celebratory.
  • Download the file here

  • Print the page that corresponds to your planner size
                   Page1 - Letter  8.5"x11"
                   Page2 - A5: 5.8" x 8.3"
                   Page3 - Personal: 3.7" x 6.7"
                   Page4 - Pocket : 3.2" x 4.7"

  • Cut  the extra white paper from the sides
  • If you have a laminator use it if not I promise self-laminating sheets are not bad at all and pretty cheap too. Laminate cut and punch the holes
  • Voila you’re ready to plan

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All illustrations used in my freebies are handpainted or otherwise created by me.