Friday, June 10, 2016

I am still in a summer mode even though the weather here is a bit on the crazy side. Is it weird that I come here to rant about the weather? I feel like it happens on weekly basis. Well,  it’ 9 degrees today and I am wearing a leather jacket and tomorrow’s forecast says 32 and humid. The funny thing is I just want to have one free weekend when I can spend some time ina part alone with a book, but every single weekend the weather seems to have totally different plans for me.
I had a small dental surgery yesterday so still in pain and looking like a one-sided chipmunk . The funny thing is I never take selfies, but  I dtoday and sent it to my sister. She told me I need to work on my duck face. Chipmunk just did not make the cut.
So I’m sitting here and sipping on my cold Iced cappuccino  on a not so warm day . The ice cap is from Tim Hortons of course. Feels like my photo should be under some  true Canadian stereotype thread.
The fun part is the ice cap is practically prescription. I  cannot have anything warm or not liquid for the next 3-4 days. So it’s cold soups for food and I was specifically told to have slushies or ice caps. When a dentist tells you that ridiculously sweet and heavenly yummy drinks in abundance are totally ok for the next few days, you listen.
Enough about the meteo-dental rant let’s go back to the good stuff.
And by good I mean back to planner freebies and most importantly Fridays.
I decided to keep up the last week’s summer theme. Sunshine, flowers,  fruits and butterflies are coming to the pages of whatever planner you’re currently using.


Optional : support me by liking my Etsy store  or following my Instagram @Winged_Graphics or just tag me in your planner pics. I’d love to see them used in your pretty layouts.

UPDATES: currently working on a  new Fashion illustration sticker set for my Etsy shop.

 Having too much fun with drawing those girls. All very summery, bohemian and stylish. Will be available in the store this weekend. 

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