A little girl with big dreams

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

    Let me tell you a little secret. Once upon a time in a land far away there was a little girl who  wanted to be a fashion designer.  It started with paper dolls and fancy wardrobes. First they were little girl dolls that practically owned my wardrobe, once I grew up a bit they turned into a bit more Barbish figures, for the lack of a better word, that  had dresses drawn for them inspired by latest MTV video trends. Somewhere in my mid teens , after dropping the cut out dolls, I started taking interest in red carpet events and evening gowns. I was constantly running around with sketchbooks full of little fashion drawings of from fancy gowns to casual outfits.
   And then, to be honest,  I do not know what happened. I guess  I heard one too many times that it’s not a feasible career to pursue and it’s a waste of my very technically inclined brain. Eventually I just gave up, after all those were people who knew better, right?

Don’t get me wrong at this point in life I truly cannot imagine myself in the shoes of a fashion designer. it's not a job or lifestyle I am cut out for. Sometimes I just wish I wasn't redirected into a path of not so right educational choices till I landed somewhere I belonged. I  love my job  it’s the perfect compromise for my technical brain and visual mind. Things did work out in the best scenario that was available. Design and illustration are still very much my biggest passions right next to literature.

    Why did I get into all this? Well I started working on fashion sticker set for my shop and got totally carried away.

 Something inside me snapped back into that little fashion designer mode.   This was probably the most fun I had working on new shop items. Surprise-surprise it still has some undeniable charm for me and I had an amazing time working on those. Give me some watercolors and india ink and let me lose on a deserted island.

So here we go a tribute to that little girl and her sketchbook. And off course I couldn't stop myself from using it as soon as I could.

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