Friday, April 29, 2016

    And the gold medal for procrastination goes to…. Drum roll… Me
    Every week  I tell myself I’ll share progress  and shop updates just to keep myself motivated, and every week I somehow end up disappointing myself. Freebie Friday is the only thing I can’t get myself to skip. Probably because it feels like I'm letting someone down or breaking a special promise  made. At least I'm responsible with a side of slightly paranoid.
Since the last few weeks I've been concentrating on pintables for 6 ring planners (kikkik, filofax, Webster’s pages etc.), I decided to go Erin Condren this time. Maybe I should think of a rotating schedule for  those. It would be a bit more fair. What do you think? Maybe a three week rotating schedule between ring planner, Erin Condren and graphic element posts?  Let me know in a message or an email.
    This week I felt like using peachy pink undertones, but wasn't quite feeling the overwhelming pinkness I ended up with. Something soft with a bit of an edge seemed like a much better choice.  I honestly like the colour scheme I eventually chose: peachy pinks and dark blue. It’s very elegant, feminine and strong.

You learn new things every day. While I was googling shades of blue to make an accurate description of this sticker set, I learned that it looks closest to the colour called Yale blue, because it’s associated with Yale University.
    Yale Blue: Hex  #00356B, CMYK (100, 50, 0, 58), RGB (0, 53, 107)

Another thing I learned today is that  Microsoft  Word does not recognize the verb “to Google” as an actual verb.
So Here we go this time
Freebie Friday #5: Free printable planner stickers sized perfectly for Erin Condren life planners in pink and Yale blue (still childishly amused for knowing the name for this color).


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